Selasa, 11 Oktober 2016

Cosmetic Wardah are safe for pregnant women, here's why

For fear of exposure to chemicals that result in a fetus, many pregnant women avoid using cosmetics or beauty products. This is indeed the reason which ought to be dipertimbangan because it is a very effective precautions. But once in a while if there are major events, of course you want to look beautiful and fascinating isn't it?

Don't worry, Yes, you can use the makeup products that are Kosher and safe. You have to be clever-clever in selecting cosmetic products are not content to let the ama so ' tumbal ' because just like to just look beautiful. One of the options the makeup is very safe for you who are pregnant is Lyssa. Why cosmetic Products are safe for pregnant women, here are some of the reasons.
cosmetic reasons Lyssa is safe for pregnant women
This is the reason the cosmetic products are safe for pregnant women

Has the label of halal MUI

Get the halal label Assembly Indonesia Ulema (MUI) of course require a process that is not a little. Wardah and products for approximately 13 years last year has been one of cosmetics away from all the testing institution.

Wardah has escaped from a very strict testing and does not contain material non-halal and dangerous as any, collagen (pig, cattle, and humans), amniotic fluid, as well as the placenta. harga kosmetik Wardah guarantee halal products made from different materials non-halal that endanger and disgusting. To that end, Wardah was awarded the International Award of the Word Halal Council of halal makeup as a pioneer in the world.